8/7/2013 White Shark or Salmon Shark?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 7, 2013 - On August 6, a photo was shared with Aquarium of the Bay from a friendly source that was believed to be a juvenile great white shark. No one from Aquarium of the Bay had actually seen the shark in person to be able to positively identify it as a great white shark. After further examination of the photo by biologists at Aquarium of the Bay, it appears more likely that the animal in question was a salmon shark rather than a great white. Salmon sharks are in the same family as great white sharks and are commonly mistaken for great whites due to their close relation. Over the last week, there have been some reports in the Bay Area of salmon sharks. This is the common time for pupping season for salmon sharks, which typically takes places along the California coastline.

While shark sightings have been occurring, we would like to emphasize that there should be no cause for concern. There are many different types of sharks that live in the Bay and are no threat to humans. There is no need for people to modify their behavior and the Bay is still safe to enjoy.

About Aquarium of the Bay:
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