Climate Action



Raise Your Voice

Michael Grassman, Aquarist

I am currently a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Ocean Conservancy, and the Shark Research Institute which directly helps support many environmental efforts. I also have signed up to receive updates from the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, and As a result I receive emails and sign petitions/write legislators about a slew of environmental issues, including those that concern climate change.

You can raise your voice too, click the links below to learn how!
California Climate Change Portal
Stop Global Warming Virtual March



Patrick Hilton, Volunteer Coordinator

With all the Spare the Air alerts I get by email, it makes me feel good knowing that I’m not contributing to urban smog or climate change as I ride to work. Plus, I’ve gotten really fit with daily exercise, and I don't have to worry about traffic jams or parking!

You can participate in events like these too, click the links below to learn how!

National Bike Month
Spare the Air in San Francisco Bay Area
Earth Hour: Uniting People to Protect the Planet



Become a Locavore

Carrie Chen, Director of Education

My family began ordering from a local CSA in 2011. We receive a box of fruit and veggies every 3 weeks. Our experience has been great for so many reasons. Most importantly, I love supporting a local farmer and feeling more connected to my community. Then, there is the benefit of eating fresh, seasonal organic produce. It’s also been a great talking point with my daughter—each time a box arrives we open it together to see what the farmer is growing and has delivered to us. Finally, by receiving seasonal produce, it’s pushed me to broaden my cooking repertoire. For example, when I received leeks in last week’s box—I had never cooked them before! But, I found a fantastic soup recipe that used both the leeks and broccoli that I received that week. My daughter and I made the soup together—and she totally loved eating it.

You can become a locavore too, click on the links below to learn how!

Locavores: Eat Locally!
Farm Fresh to You
Slow Food USA: Supporting Good, Clean, and Fair Food
Find a Farmers' Market near you



Choose Renewable Energy

Amber Davis, Interpretive Naturalist

I grew up in a house my Dad built on 40 acres of property in Santa Cruz, California. We were completely off the grid and relied on solar power for our electricity. All of our plugs looked like the kind you would see in your car to charge your cell phone. In the winter when there was less sun light, we would use candles and lanterns to light our home.

You can support renewable energy sources too, click the links below to learn how!

Find out how much you can save with solar power!
American Wind Energy Association
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency