Project WATERS

Are you a San Francisco elementary or middle School teacher who wants to provide your students with an immersive science experience this school year? Look no further than Project WATERS!

Project WATERS (Watershed and Trout Education for Regional Stewardship) is an exciting program, where teachers and students engage in amazing educational experiences throughout the school year in order to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of local aquatic ecosystems.

The heart of Project WATERS is participation in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Trout in the Classroom program, in which teachers host young rainbow trout in their classrooms.   
Teachers and students participating in Project WATERS will experience:
  • A teacher workshop focused on participation in Trout in the Classroom;
  • A tank in your classroom ($250 value) and additional program materials and support;
  • In-classroom presentations on watershed ecology, fish biology, and local conservation issues;
  • An age level appropriate Aquarium of the Bay Program
  • A trip to Lake Merced to release the trout fry; and
  • A classroom visit by a local fisherman.
For more information or to apply, please contact Student and Teacher Programs Coordinator Maia Kolbeck at 415-623-5305 or

NOTE: This program is currently only available to elementary and middle school teachers in San Francisco. We unfortunately cannot accommodate San Francisco high school teachers or teachers from outside San Francisco.

Special Thanks to NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries for supporting Project WATERS for the 2016-2017 school year.

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Project WATERS
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