Discover The Bay

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Your Aquarium of the Bay exploration begins in Discover the Bay, featuring the distinctive ecosystems that support an incredibly wide variety of marine life.  In eight animal habitats featuring over a thousand aquatic animals, you will learn about the creatures that make their homes in the Bay.
Exhibit highlights include:
  • “Beauties of the Bay”: visit San Francisco Bay’s most colorful animals, including the bright orange Garibaldi (the California State Marine Fish), green Moray Eels and rockfish of varying colors, in the first habitat on the right.
  • Swirling school of anchovies – did you know that lateral lines on anchovies’ bodies serve as sensory organs?  This enables the animals to sense where the school is moving, to help stick together and avoid predators.
  • Bay babies: from newly hatched Skates to juvenile perch and other fishes, explore underwater newborns.  San Francisco Bay is a nursery ground to many species of fishes.

More to discover

Check out our new video on Marine Protected Areas, now showing daily in Discover the Bay.
Video credit: Todd Barbee