Octopalooza Feb 13-22, 2015

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What’s got eight arms, three hearts, and no bones? It’s the giant Pacific octopus, of course!

Join us for Octopalooza, where we’ll be connecting visitors with one of the most intelligent and fascinating inhabitants of our local waters! 

Special Octopalooza Events:

Ink Labtouch sharks
We’ll be spilling the ink on our favorite cephalopod all week long as we turn our PG&E Bay Lab into the Ink Lab. Learn all about this fascinating animal with special presentations and activities every hour.
Squid Dissections
Get the inside scoop on cephalopods during daily squid dissections. Let your inner-biologist out during this hands-on activity at the Ink Lab.


Learn all about this eight-armed wonder and its cephalopod relatives during hourly Naturalist-led “octo-chats” downstairs in our Cephalopod Gallery.


Brain Exercises
touch sharks
Did you know that octopuses have 9 brains?! Join our biologists as they give our octopus daily enrichment activities to keep its brains active, and see how our octopus plays with toys and puzzles and opens jars to access its lunch. 

Octopus Course
Find out how you compare to a giant Pacific octopus with a series of activities in our Discovery Zone. This obstacle course challenges you to think like an octopus, lift like an octopus, and even morph like an octopus!


Myth vs. Fact
Can an octopus walk on land? Can they detach a limb, or eat a shark? Look out for our myth vs. fact signs posted throughout the Aquarium, and find out the real answers to these common misconceptions and tantalizing truths about these eight-armed wonders. 


Get Crafty
touch sharks
Put an octopus on it! Let your artistic side out and make your own cephalopod masterpiece during daily squid block printing activities in the Ink Lab. 

Behind the Scenes
For octo-lovers that want to dive even deeper, sign up for a Behind the Scenes tour and get an insider’s look at how the Aquarium cares for its octopuses.


Show some love for your favorite animal this Valentine’s Day. Buy a Valentine for your favorite animal in our gift shop and tell us why you love them! 


Did you know Aquarium of the Bay rescues octopuses?

A favorite food of the giant Pacific octopus is Dungeness crab. This mischievous cephalopod also likes to hide out in small den-like enclosures, and with no skeleton to get in its way, an octopus is able to squeeze its body into impressively tight spaces. So when an octopus happens across a crabber’s trap in the Bay, it’s like stumbling upon the jackpot. This explains why crab fishers will often times pull up their traps only to find an octopus inside that has eaten all of their catch. Rather than throw the octopus back in the Bay where it will continue to eat their catch, fishermen will often respond by killing the octopus or selling it to a restaurant to be served up as an appetizer.

In 2005, Aquarium of the Bay started a program to help these octopuses that unintentionally find themselves in the wrong place, by asking local fishermen to consider giving the Aquarium a call. The Aquarium offers the octopus a safe new home with plenty of delicious crab to feast on. Since the program’s inception, Aquarium of the Bay has successfully rescued over 30 octopuses from an otherwise hasty demise.