San Francisco Bay Gala

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Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who attended our 2016 San Francisco Bay Gala: Soundwaves. It was a fantastic evening and the show of support we received from all those in attendance was tremendous!

If you were not able to join the celebration, you can still help us fulfill our mission by making an online donation. Every dollar helps!

Your support helps us provide free hands-on learning experience to tens of thousands of local students (our next generation of environmental champions), provide high-quality care for each of the 20,000 Bay and watershed ambassador animals living in our Aquarium, and take on the crucial threats to our Bay and watershed, and so much more!

Thank you again for your continued support of Our mission could not be accomplished without the incredible support of people like you!

Here are some highlights from the 2016 San Francisco Bay Gala

Alcatraz Alcatraz
Alcatraz Mountains

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