Youth Group Sleepovers

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Sleepovers are very popular and our programs book many months in advance.

Sleep in crystal clear tunnels surrounded by sharks, bat rays, and thousands of San Francisco Bay's most fascinating inhabitants. Our sleepover program offers a unique opportunity to discover the nocturnal habits of creatures indigenous to our local waters. You will begin your experience with a fun evening of naturalist-led activities, followed by a tour of the Aquarium, which includes an opportunity to touch what lives under the waves of San Francisco Bay.

Program Options:
Your group will sleep in the tunnels of our “Under the Bay” exhibit as thousands of fish including sharks, skates and bat rays swim overhead. Invite your friends for fun and games, and meet some creatures who aren’t afraid of the dark.

  • Cub Scouts can complete some requirements toward acquiring a Wildlife Conservation Beltloop and Academic Pin.
  • Girl Scouts and Brownies can complete requirements toward acquiring Girl Scout Save the Bay “In the Bay” badges (Brownies, Juniors or Older Girls).
  • Shark Sleepovers:  Appropriate for all other groups including birthday parties, families and school classes.  

$70 per person, with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 participants.
Reservations & Further Information
To make a reservation, please fill out the Sleepover Reservation Form. You will be contacted within 48 hours of submission with your group confirmation.

For further information please call the Education Coordinator at 415-623-5376, or send an email to