Spring Break

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Science Bites

Take a bite out of science and discover Bay predators at Aquarium of the Bay. Find out what’s on the menu as we explore three of the Bay’s top predators; from unassuming sea stars, keen river otters, and awe-inspiring sharks, these predators rule their ecosystems. We’ll be having fun with hands-on science experiments and activities, while learning all about what it takes to be a top predator.
March 19-22: River otters may look cute and cuddly, but don’t let their furry exterior fool you. Join us for otterly fantastic activities, like a chance to make your own watershed or dress like an otter, all while learning about their keen hunting skills and adaptations that let them rule the rivers.
March 23-27: Speed isn’t always necessary to be a top predator, particularly in tidepools. See the invincible sea star in action during tidepool feedings, and join us as we experiment with dry ice and molecular models to look at how even small changes in the ocean have a huge effect on these top predators.
March 28-April 3: Sharks rule the water and command the food web. Learn more about how sharks hunt, what they like to eat, and how we learn about them with activities like shark tagging, jaw-some bites, and Jurassic shark!