Auditorium Programs

Enhance your visit to the Aquarium by taking your students to one of our auditorium programs. These multimedia presentations will introduce your students to the San Francisco Bay’s watershed and the amazing animals that call it home. Add on a self-guided tour of the Aquarium’s exhibits after your auditorium program for an enhanced experience.

Program Length: 30 minutes
Days Offered: Thursdays and Fridays
Times Offered: 10 AM
Number of Participants: 20 – 250 students per program. Minimum chaperone to student ratio of one chaperone to five students.

Program Options

Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade)
A Salmon’s Journey: Follow a salmon on its incredible life’s journey. From a mountain stream, to the San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and finally back to the stream where it was born.

Upper Elementary and Middle School (4th-8th grade)
From the Sierra to the Sea: Discover the San Francisco Bay’s watershed, from its beginning high in the mountains to its end at the Golden Gate.

All Reservation Request Forms must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your trip date.

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